The Mystery of Landon Miller Series

We all chose a path in life. What if you’ve chosen the wrong one?

Everyone has secrets…
…when Lexi unravels Landon's there will be no turning back.

One troubled man. 
One exclusive club. 
One explosive meeting that will change lives forever.

When a married woman enters an exclusive club full of domineering men, it will only take one man’s past to threaten everything she’s built.

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The Christmas Miracle Series

Journey through Christmas Town with this delightful cast of characters...

The Christmas Miracle series follows Jack Bennett through the trials and tribulations of falling in love and surviving it. He’s a reluctant visitor to Christmas Town, arriving as a private investigator on assignment to solve a case. Christmas is not one of his favorite holidays and as we soon discover none of the holidays are his favorite, but he wades through the town and their crazy antics to get the job done.

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The Angel & Magic Series

One magician.

Two Angels.

A forbidden world.

Aaron dies.

Or does he?

When two angels’, from opposing sides, show up to collect Aaron’s soul the bickering begins. They’re led on an adventure which brings them to a place that’s impossible to enter. Now, they all must survive long enough to find a way out.

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