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The Christmas Miracle Series

Journey through Christmas Town with this delightful cast of characters...

The Christmas Miracle series follows Jack Bennett through the trials and tribulations of falling in love and surviving it. He’s a reluctant visitor to Christmas Town, arriving as a private investigator on assignment to solve a case. Christmas is not one of his favorite holidays and as we soon discover none of the holidays are his favorite, but he wades through the town and their crazy antics to get the job done.

Enter Charlotte Rose, Christmas Town store owner and beloved by the entire community. Charlotte’s been running the store with her father since she was a child and loves everything about her career and the area. Her father moved them to Christmas Town after the death of her mother hoping to restore their faith in love, family and happiness and it worked. Christmas Town was just the thing to help this family heal.

Years after their arrival in town, Jack shows up and drops a bombshell no one could have predicted. As he silently works his case, she wiggles her way into his heart.

Now we’re off to the races.

Over the next year and a half, we spend every holiday with Jack, Charlotte and Christmas Town, where healing with love and some miracles will highlight every holiday. The family faces multiple surprises from weddings, to births, to the realization there is a murderer among them.

Christmas Town is a character of its own and every holiday is celebrated in spectacular fashion bringing together the entire tight knit community and travelers from afar. The town is a blanket of love, security and support in times when everything feels as if it’s falling apart.

There’s no place like home and no home like Christmas Town.

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Box Set Books 1-4

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Box Set Books 5-8