Day One

When it was suggested to me to document my writing I shrugged thinking why would anyone want to know, see or hear about how I write. It was also suggested to set up a camera to film myself as I write and I thought, yeah right... as if! I've since changed my mind about sharing the process. No, I won't be filming myself, but yes, I'm going to share my experience of writing as it unfolds. If for no other reason than to look back in a year and see how far I've come... or not! LOL

One year is how long my experiment will last. Why one year? Well, I'm coming to the end of my college program. Four years ago, I returned to college at the age of 42 in order to start a new career in Film & Television. Now that I will be graduating in May I thought it would be a great time to start this blog.

My goals: To finish writing my books and scripts. To polish my writing enough to send out to agents and producers. To write about every step from the frustrating times when my writing is working or when my stuff is reject and the good times when writing is going smoothly and I sell my writing.

I hope you stick with me throughout the year, I look forward to having you here with me!


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