Designing the Interior

When I first started researching how to format the interior of my novella for both print and kindle the consensus was it would take hours, even days. From everything I had read or watched (thanks YouTube) let me know that the process would be difficult and that my file would most likely be rejected a couple of times before success would be had. I admit, I was intimated when I began. Fortunately, Smashwords provided a style guide with step by step instructions, which put me on the right path. Unfortunately, that same guide frustrated the heck out of me and I ended up searching for a better way. Eventually, I found a wonderful blog by Catherine Ryan Howard that gave simple step by step instructions.

After following her post, I spent a total of one hour formatting my novella, which I uploaded and was approved first time out. This site helped save me time and frustration. I'm certain there are probably more blogs out there that would give you informative information on how to format your novels, I'm just offering this one because I found Catherine's 10 easy steps the easiest and to quote her blog -non-migraine inducing.

So I had my cover ready, my doc file ready and all that was left was to do was upload everything. I started with my Createspace upload, preparing for my print book first. Once it was uploaded I had to wait for approval, which came the next day. It gave me the opportunity to order a proof book before sending it off to kindle for their set up. I didn't bother waiting for my print version because my novella was very short (only 50 pages), I would suggest anyone with a full novel to order their copy and look it over to make certain it meets your approval. Then you can move onto your eBook version, which is pretty much the same file put through another process by Kindle, Smashwords, whichever companies you are using.

That's it for now, I'll be back soon with more information that will hopefully help you.

I'm going to leave you with a link to Catherine's blog post with her 10 easy steps to formatting.

See you next time with more chatter on eBook publishing.

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