Marketing Your Book

And just like everyone else out there… I JUST WANT TO WRITE MY STORIES! But, if I just wrote stories and no one ever saw or read them, where would the fun be in that, which leads us back to that dreaded word… MARKETING. Dreaded was how I thought about marketing when I was anticipating having to do it, but as I dove into marketing my novella, I found I rather enjoyed it.

I started by doing all the things that were suggested by most writers, bloggers, marketing experts. I began with using social media. I made a website: , next came a Facebook page:, Twitter account:, Book Review Blog: and last but certainly not least this blog, My Journey: All of these elements were fun to learn how to make and I'm still learning what the best ways are to make them work for me.

So far my most interaction has come from Twitter. I started my journey of publishing my first novella on Nov. 13 2015 with 17 followers on twitter and now I have grown to 265 and rising. It's been a fun and informative experience as I have learned my way around my Twitter account. What I do love about Twitter is the instant feedback you get from your followers. It still blows my mind that I can communicate with someone on the opposite side of the planet instantly. Love technology. The only problem with twitter is that I spend too much time reading the posts, time I should be dedicating to writing… LOL.

As for the rest of my social media, well that has been another learning curve, one I haven't quite mastered yet. But, my resolution, if I have one this year, would be to learn more valuable ways of using social media to help me reach a wider audience. I would like to grow my connections on all my social media and if my Twitter account has proven anything to me, I can and will achieve my goals.

A few free resources to help get your book in front of readers: -Book Screener rates your book on the cover, formatting and editing. A fairly new site that I think will grow larger with time, but it does give you a chance to see how your book rates. -The Writers Lens does articles about authors. My article turned out fabulous, couldn't have gone better. -Tweet Your Books has a review page that offers readers who will review your books. They have made a list that you can search through and find the appropriate reviewers for your books. No sign ups required. Just look under the free reviews tab.

There's a few sites to get you started or perhaps ones you hadn't heard about yet. Marketing is such a large subject that I'm sure I will discuss a lot on this blog and as I learn more I will share what I have come across.

I have serval promotional sites bookmarked, many I simply won't use for my novella for 1) my novella is free, so I don't see the point of spending money on marketing a book I will never make money on and 2) there are many great ways to market without spending money.

Of course, my strategy for my debut novel will be different and that was what releasing my novella was all about… learning the ins and outs of publishing a novel.

Share some of your marketing strategies in the comments below. What worked for you & what didn't work.

Till next time when I will offer a full list of promotional websites that I have found on the internet.

Take care.

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