Launch Day!

If there is anything more nerve wrecking I'm not sure what it would be. This day was hard. Although, I have to say instead of sitting around watching my page collect dust, I went out for the day, almost forgetting about the campaign. Almost.

All of this was sadly noted the next morning when I saw my 34 page views and no hot & trending hours. It's a sobering sight. I started panicking, self-doubt running amuck. My book is not good enough, no one likes my cover or blurb ect…

After stewing in self-pity for an hour and pretty much giving up hope. (After one day of campaigning I might add) I decided to do something about it. I just wasn't sure what that should be. I had looked into FB & Twitter ads previously but wasn't sure how effective they would be for what I wanted to accomplish. So, I returned to my Headtalker campaign and was surprised to see I had 15 out of the 25 supporters I needed and I had done nothing to gain those supporters.

So where did they come from? Headtalker themselves. To start with they all support your campaign, which in fact, gives you 6 supporters right out of the gate. And it would seem that more people follow them. This was quite a surprise to me and knowing that I only had to get a minimum of 10 more supporters seemed obtainable to me. So I put out a few links on twitter, supported a few other campaigns and reached 20 within an hour. I highly recommend Headtalker, especially if you have minimal social media outlets.

When I saw my numbers for Day 2, I was pleasantly surprised to find 54 page views, no Hot & trending yet, but I wasn't worried. After seeing the page views go up I knew with a little more effort I may even get on the coveted H&T list.

So that night was spent finding FB groups that would allow me to advertise my campaign. I found half a dozen or more. (Who knew?)

I was already a member of Kboards, which by the way if you are planning on running a campaign, the threads on Kboard are a tremendous help & support. Highly recommend being a member there.

Such a learning curve this campaign is for new Indie Authors. I highly recommend it for people who have no platform and no idea how to grow an audience. The lessons I'm learning even this early in the campaign are invaluable.

Till next time, when a miracle worker comes on board to help with my campaign!


KBoards Kindle Scout experiences, anyone?

Headtalker & Thunderclap support



Facebook Groups

Hope this helps anyone thinking of campaigning.

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