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Mr (Almost) Right Synopsis

Ella is a strong and independent woman getting closer to the big 40. She realizes that she's been wasting her life in a relationship that doesn't lead anywhere and doesn't bring her any joy. Colin has been taking her for granted for too long thinking that she’d accept their relationship as it was just because she’s a full figured woman and she is self-conscious about how she looks, even though not all the time.

Nonetheless, Ella decides to take control of her life again, so she cleans house and starts hunting for Mr. Right or Mr. Approximately Right, because she knows that looking for perfection was an illusion. She chooses to start her hunt in a singles bar and there she meets Mark, a man she wouldn’t have chosen herself. He’s handsome and he’s definitely a guy who’s addicted to a healthy life. She knows from experience that such a man wouldn’t look twice at her. However, he notices her and worms his way to her table and into her life.

The problem is that Ella’s looking for a lifetime relationship while Mark’s looking to score. Will Ella turn Mark into Mr. Approximately Right or will Mark run for the hills when he gets wind of her intentions?

If you’re looking for a love story that starts with faux pas and a bunch of laughs, then this is the story for you. There might not be poetry involved but love is better when you can laugh and when you can see the real person behind the person with whom you fall in love. Just a thought!

About Rowena

Rowena Dawn writes romance, reads thrillers and watches comedies. She likes walking through the woods but insanely loves the sea. She has a love - hate relationship with her writing and drives her dog crazy whenever she doesn't stop writing to take him out. And yes, she bakes,bread and cakes. Apparently good ones - they're always in demand.



Where To Buy Mr (Almost) Right

Rowena's Mr (Almost) Right Giveaway

Roxana is giving away a printed copy of Mr (Almost) Right. For details, please visit her website at

Congratulations Rowena

I'm honored to be a part of your launch team for Mr (Almost) Right, and wish both you and the book every success.

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