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Perfect Timing Synopsis

Friendship. Desire. Romance. Lou’s life changes forever the first moment she encounters Will online during a brief break from work. Enlarging his photo on the social network, she is immediately captivated by his dazzling smile and azure blue eyes. Reluctantly refocusing on her work, she is frequently distracted as the image floods her thoughts. Who is that guy?

Later that evening while gazing in wonder at his photo albums, she is startled by an instant message from him. Hours fly by as they chat easily, discovering shared interests and passions.

Passions of a different kind are soon ignited as she feels her now best friend’s embrace across the miles. They have shared so many secrets, but her desire for the man who she openly admits adoring is one she dare not share. Not now. Not ever?

Perfect Timing is an enchanting story of romance in today’s technology driven world. It is the perfect example of how physical distance is no barrier to deep, all encompassing, all consuming love.

Buy Perfect Timing now to enter into Lou and Will’s sensual, erotic, romantic world.

About Rebekah S. Fiore

Rebekah S. Fiore authors stories that capture the sweet essence of adult relationships, delightful fun, romance, fantasies, sensual pleasure, Eros and the passions we all experience and seek in our daily lives. Every character, setting and conversation keeps the reader engaged in a delicious story development designed to give the sensation of “being there” within the plot, assuring the reader of a sensory romp that lingers long after the story ends. Believing that love, romance and erotic pleasure were created to fulfill our natural lives with joy, she gravitates to the tastefully erotic genre with great enthusiasm; the goal is leaving the reader on the edge of sensual meltdown by the end of each chapter!

Rebekah is married and was born in 1980, she lives in a beautiful rural area, attended college in the eastern United States with professional backgrounds in psychology and sociology. The mother of two active sons, she enjoys regular family treks into the outdoors to stay in shape, photography, camping, occasional SCUBA diving and reading other romance genre author’s work. Her professional work finds her traveling several times a year to some interesting cities and settings and are often included as venues in her writings as she immerses her readers in the environments of each character.



Where To Buy book Timing

Rebekah's Perfect Timing Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Perfect Timing, Rebekah is running a giveaway on her website. For details please click here to hop over

My Perfect Timing Giveaway

Rebekah has very kindly given me a copy of the Perfect Timing Kindle ebook, to giveaway to one of my readers. All you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this blog post. The giveaway will close on November 30th, when the winner will be chosen at random.

Congratulations Rebekah

I’m honored to be a part of your Perfect Timing launch team and wish both you and all editions of the book every success!

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